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If you're looking for a new home, whether it's literally a new build or a home that already has a history, then New Market MD or any one of a number of the villages surrounding the main city of Frederick, is hard to beat. There is a buzz about Real Estate in New Market. New homes, new schools for the new families coming into the area, new eateries to feed them, even new wineries. It's all happening.

Frankie lives and works as a real estate agent in New Market MD. He is an experienced Realtor who will help ease the way for buyers and sellers alike. Utilizing first class resources to showcase your home in the best possible light, with staging, high quality photography, and premier standards of presentation, he provides a powerful advantage. So much so, you might be tempted to not sell and just stay put!

Selling Your Home In New Market

If you're thinking of selling your home, there are things to consider that will help you achieve the right outcome. Your home is special to you. It is also important to transmit that "specialness" to prospective buyers. How to make your home look and feel special to buyers in the most immediate way is something that, very often, takes a Realtor with knowledge and experience to achieve.

Realtors see countless houses week in, week out. They see what's trending at any given time. One person may think their kitchen appliances are as good as new. This may be very true, but they might not have the latest must-have functions that home buyers insist upon. An experienced Realtor should have their ear to the ground, so to speak, and know how to present your home in the best possible light.

Combined with walking through a thousand homes, Frankie brings his vast experience as a strategic online marketer. He dedicates his real estate skills with the utmost focus and attention to ensure your sale is as financially rewarding as possible, and with the least amount of stress. This, and comprehensive social media marketing, will help you achieve a quick sale, for the best achievable price, to help set you up for your next adventure.

With Frankie's help and experience as a real estate agent in New Market, your home will achieve the best exposure to potential buyers; all with Frankie's personal contact and dedication throughout the process. Employing strong negotiating skills, the aim is always to  achieve great results in a timely manner with a financially beneficial sale.

Buying A Home In New Market

When you're looking for a property to buy in New Market or around Frederick MD, Frankie will sit down with you to find out about who you are, what your situation is, what you do, what your plans are, what type of home you would like and where you would like to live. Everything needs to be considered to ensure, as much as possible, that the home you choose ticks as many of the boxes that can possibly be ticked.

In addition to that, Frankie will make sure that you are best prepared to make an offer when you find the property you want. Without having everything in place, we set ourselves up for disappointment and frustration. We do not want to be in a situation where we find a house that we fall in love with, but we're not ready, and somebody else steps in to buy it.

If you're at a stage in your work career when buying a house seems like the perfect next big goal, it will be important to show that your finances are as good as they can be. Simple little things like managing your credit score by holding off making big purchases and, instead, reducing the balances here and there. If you're looking for a mortgage, it's advisable for most of us to be a little patient and wait until after closing before that shiny new 4X4 is ordered.

It does not matter what kind of home you are looking to sell or buy, whether it's a condo, single family, town house, new build or whatever, Frankie provides the exact same level of care and attention to detail for every single one of his clients.

Got Questions?

There are a ton of questions, so if you would like a friendly chat about your property goals, whether they're immediate or you just want to get an idea of what's involved, simply fill out the details below and Frankie will contact you. Or give him a call on (301) 304 6646
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New Market of Old… 

Historic New Market

An Historic Town Truly on the Brink of Reinvention

New Market is known as the 'Antiques Capitol of Maryland'. The first settlers arrived in 1745 and, by 1793, the town of New Market came into existence.

There are still a few antique stores on Main Street. Notably Fleshman's Antiques, Smith Tavern Antiques, and Robert Esterly Antiques.

If you take a stroll along Main Street, it's actually fun and interesting to stop and read the historic plaques on several of the houses. You will quickly gain a sense of the town's genuinely old history, especially during the Civil War.


Sights Around New Market MD

The Derby Restaurant - New Market
West Winds Tennis and Fitness Center
Lighthouse - Trout Seafood and Deli
Children's Museum - New Market MD
The Derby Restaurant and Bar

Solutions For Your Business

If you fancy yourself as a chef, you couldn't wish for a better place to shop for fish and meat than Lighthouse Seafood and Deli. Not only do the sell fish ready for you to cook but they also have in-house prepared salads, soups, and their very famous Maryland Crab Cakes.

If you fancy being waited on, you have the very highly rated Vintage Restaurant which is patronized by people who live outside of New Market, the Asian Bistro has a vast range of fabulous sushi and Thai meals. Morgan's is the place to go for a steak and The Derby if you fancy a burger etc. The Derby also has a separate bar.

So much to do in New Market MD

There is so much to do in the local area. There are several wineries for those who enjoy a glass or two: Hidden Hills, New Market Plains Vineyard, Elk Run, Black Ankle and Linganore Wine Cellars and several more. If you prefer beer, there's Milkhouse Brewery, Frey's Brewing Company, Rockwell Brewery, Red Sherman Farm, Attaboy Beer...the list goes on.

Lighthouse Seafood and Deli

If you fancy being waited on, you have the very highly rated Vintage Restaurant which is patronized by people who live outside of New Market, the Asian Bistro has a vast range of fabulous sushi and Thai meals. Morgan's is the place to go for a steak and The Derby if you fancy a burger etc. The Derby also has a separate bar.

If you're in a hurry, there is the standard collection of fast food outlets: McDonald's, Burger King and Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen.

Amongst the definitely required stores are CVS, Food Lion, a couple of gas stations, liquor stores, dry cleaners. nail bars, hair salons...

Of course if you need something for DIY etc., you can hop right onto Route 70 for 10 minutes or so, turn left and get to a Lowes or Home Depot etc.

Cross back over 70 and you'll find you're in Downtown Frederick itself. A mere 15 minutes away, with even more shopping and dining delights. Check out the home page to see what goes on in Frederick

If you're into sports and keeping fit, there are gyms, a tennis club, about half a dozen golf courses (Clustered Spires, Holly Hills, Whiskey Creek, PB Dye, Musket Ridge etc.), a disc golf course, and indoor soccer center...the list goes on

Images of New Market

Charis Realty - New Market Office
New Market Commons - Stores
Vintage Restaurant - New Market MD
Food Lion Grocery Store - New Market
New Stores and Cafés coming to New Market

Real Estate and New Market's Popularity is Growing Rapidly.

In response to the many new villages and schools being built in the immediate area, New Market is seeing a return of places to eat and shop. Just waiting for Covid-19 to move on.

New Market has a long history as a center for antique buyers to flock to. The street has been widened to enable better parking. You can feel the buzz in the air. Exciting times.

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