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Hi, welcome to my Frederick and New Market Real Estate website. I'm here to team up with you to help you achieve the best outcome in one of the most important events we ever face... Deciding where we are going to spend the next period of our life.

Whether you looking to Buy, Sell or you're just looking, I'd be more than glad answer any questions you might have.

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When It Comes To Buying Or Selling Your Home,
There Is More At Stake Than Money.
Where we live, often defines us!

Yes, of course, money is extremely important. But, ultimately, everyone wants to feel they got a great deal, that everything went as smoothly as possible, and we end up living where we wanted to. 

We want all parties to be happy with the outcome and ready to start the next chapter of their lives either living in a fabulous home in Frederick or New Market, or moving on to pastures new with a decent chunk of change.

This is rarely an easy or effortless event, so choosing a Realtor you can trust to get things right is vital. If you're selling a home in Frederick that you've lived in for many years, and maybe raised your children in, then it is going to be filled with memories and hold a lot of sentimental value. The walls you've painted several times, the door frames marked with the various heights or your growing kids, maybe the tree that they used to climb, they all have a special place in your hearts.

So having a Real Estate Agent in New Market MD, someone who is empathetic, and understands and appreciates those feelings, can help make the transition worry-free whilst also building enthusiasm for the future.

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Your Choice of Real Estate Agent is an Important Decision

Whether you are thinking about selling or buying a home, it is important to know that you are fully aware of who legally represents you in the transaction. There are loopholes and serious steps along the way that only experienced Realtors are likely to know.

Please note that Realtors are legally obliged to protect the interests of their client, whether they are a seller or a buyer. Oftentimes, buyers might think they do not need or want a Realtor in their corner, in order to save money. Usually, there is no fee payable by the buyer for their Realtor, so there is no reason to enter into a property transaction unrepresented. Your Realtor will guide you through every step and ensure that you are aware of everything that is important.

Believe it or not, if I know an agent more knowledgable than I am about the area in which you're buying or selling, I will honestly refer you to them. I'm serious!

Images from Recent Transactions

Library in Frederick MD
Overlook in Frederick MD
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Study in Frederick MD

So, Frederick Today… 

Alive @ Five Event Image

An Exciting, Vibrant and Historic Town

You will see below that Frederick has a very rich history, and rightly so. It is a beautiful town that is currently thriving and growing further in importance and population. There is an enormous amount of new housing and schools under construction as families look to move here from all parts of the country.

The Downtown area is home to an impressively large and varied selection of eateries and trendy bars. It absolutely buzzes in the evenings. Along with the eateries, there is an eclectic mix of individual shops, galleries and museums. 

If you like to walk and see the sights, Baker Park and Carroll Creek are wonderful, especially on a summer’s evening.

For theatre entertainment and famous music acts there is the Weinberg Center For Arts on West Patrick Street.

For movies, at Westview, there is the Regal complex with 16 screens, which shows all the latest releases.

The very trendy Sky Stage, which is an outdoor, yet cozy venue at 59, South Carrol Street, is great for live music and poetry where you can also partake in a glass of wine or bottle of beer.

Every week on Carroll Creek is a lively event called Alive @ Five on Carroll Creek which features live music and beer for the over 21’s. It takes place every Thursday late afternoon and evening throughout the Summer.

Actually, there is always live music going on somewhere in the town whether it’s in a bar like Firestones, or a café like Café Nola, or one of the many wineries that surround Frederick such as Black Ankle. Linganore Wine Cellars and Elk Run.

If you’re a golfer, you’re spoilt for choice. It doesn’t matter if you want a private club or prefer ones that are open to the public. There are more than dozen to choose from, including Clustered Spires, Holly Hills, Whiskey Creek, PB Dye, Musket Ridge etc. Take your pick. 

As mentioned earlier, Frederick is a booming town right now and 2020 looks set to be an awesome and exciting year for the area.

Images of Frederick

Shb Row Shops Frederick MD
Sky Stage in Frederick MD
Public Library Frederick MD
Street View Frederick MD
Frederick County Fair Sept 2019

There is always something going on...

This is a true county town with an annual event of some kind happening practically every month of the year. The Frederick County Fair is an amazing spectical on a huge scale which happens right at then end of Summer. The rides, animals, farm machinery at the fair have to be seen. Check out Hemp's meat stand when you get hungry.

The Keys baseball stadium is a popular haunt during the season and is keenly supported. If volleyball is your thing, check out Frederick Volleyball Club or, if it's soccer, then you should get down to the Frederick Indoor Soccer Center.

Early History (back to top)

Going Back to the Colonial Era

The earliest known European settlement was located in Monocacy, a little north of Frederick, Maryland. It was established in 1730, when the Indian trail came to be a wagon road. Monocacy was deserted prior to the American Revolutionary War, possibly because of the river's regular flooding or hostilities preceding French and Indian war. Or could simply have been because of Frederick's location which had much easier access to the Potomac River near its junction with the Monocacy.

By 1745, a land speculator, Daniel Dulany, outlined the town of Frederick. 3 years prior to that, All Saints Church was founded on top of a hill, close to a trading post. There are various opinions with regard to whim the town was named after, but the likeliest people are Frederick “The Great” of Prussia, Frederick Louis (The Prince of Wales), and Frederick Calvert, the 6th Baron Baltimore, who was one of the owners of Maryland.

Maryland's General Assembly made Frederick the county seat of Frederick in 1742 which, at the time extended to the Appalachian mountains to the west. There was a dispute between the colonies of Virginia and Pennsylvani which lasted until 1789.

Frederick's first house was built by Johann Thomas Schley , a schoolmaster from the Rhineland who died 1790.

Schley, with his wife Maria Von Winz, led a party of immigrants to the Maryland colony. They bought land from Dulany and Schley's house was built and it stood at the northwest corner of Middle Alley and East Patrick Street into the 20th century.

The German Reformed Church was founded by Schley's settlers and it is now known as Evangelical Reformed Church.

What is now the Schifferstadt Architectural Museum was originally a house called Schifferstadt and is probably the oldest house in Frederick. A German settler named Joseph Brunner built it in 1756.

Schley's group was one of many who migrated south and towards the west. Being Pennsylvania Dutch (ethnic Germans) they were amongst other groups originally from Europe such as Scots-Irish and French who also migrated in the late-18th century.

Frederick was a vital stop on the Great Wagon Road which the migration route became known as. It ran from Gettysburg, PA and Emmitsburg, MD going south along the Great Appalachian Valley via Winchester and Roanoke, Virginia. There was another important route which ran beside the Potomac River close to Frederick, towards Hagerstown, where it divided.

Frederick’s Importance (back to top)

Apart from being an important market town, Frederick was also the seat of justice. Famous and important lawyers who practiced in Frederick included John Hanson, Francis Scott Key and Roger B. Taney. These names are remembered. The very large mall, Francis Scott Key Mall is know well known by everyone in the area.

There are many old and well-established churches in Frederick. Especially in Church Street, which itself is home to six churches. These include:

All Saints Church built in 1793. This was where the first American citizen was to receive confirmation by the Episcopal Bishop Thomas Claggett. A classical revival structure replaced that building in 1814 where it still stands today.

The Catholic church, dedicated to St. John the Evangelist, built in 1800 and rebuilt in 1837.
It still stands on East Second Street, a block north of Church Street, and incorporates a convent which was established by the Visitation Sisters.

The impressive, stone Evangelical Lutheran Church, originally built in 1752 has gone through two major reconstructions. The first in 1825, after which it was replaced with a building showing off twin-spires in 1852.

Asbury United Methodist Church is the oldest African-American church in the Frederick. It was founded in 1818 and it became an African-American congregation in 1864. It was renamed Asbury Methodist Episcopal Church in 1870 and was relocated to All Saints Street in 1921.

Historically, Frederick has always been important, even briefly became Maryland’s capital city, back in 1861.

During the Civil War, Frederick saw a considerable amount of action. There were several hospitals and, during the Maryland Campaigns, both Union and Confederate troops marched through the town, including Confederate General Stonewall Jackson who led his light infantry division through Frederick on his way to battle. Memorabilia from these times are housed in the National Museum of Civil War Medicine on East Patrick Street.

A plaque stands at the intersection between East All Saints Street and South Market Street to commemorate and mark the spot where President Abraham Lincoln delivered a speech, on his way to visit General George McClellan. 

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